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Going Country?

Country Chic

If you find yourself drawn more to the country style lately is shouldn’t be a surprise. The trend has really grown in the past few years and more artisans are turning their talents toward expanding the look into some truly unique and beautiful directions.

Country Chic is popular not only in interiors, but in clothing and graphics as well. It embodies a variety of directions but is best known for it’s muted colors, vintage fabrics and primitive or up cycled furniture.

The great thing about Country Chic is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. To add it to your décor it just takes a little creativity. Scour the local flea markets and vintage shops for a few furniture treasures. You can actually buy painted finishes that are easy to apply if you simply follow the directions.

Select fabrics with a handmade feel. Combine patterns and textures to create a warm, intimate feeling in the room. Choose unique accessories that will add a distinctive look to the space like carved wooden bowls, woven baskets, old jars, pails, tools, metals, crockery. There are tons of objects out there that you can use to complete the look.

Use finishes that have an aged feel and combine them with softer fabrics or glazed pottery for balance. If you’re renovating a particular space and plan on bringing flooring into the area you’ll find a variety of elegant rustic styles in both laminate flooring and engineered hardwoods.

Wire brushed planks feature an exaggerated graining pattern that creates a defined texture. Hand scraped floors feature the look of true artisan scraping. And many rustic floors have been treated to create the look of weathered wood. Colors range from softer white and grey tones to rich caramels and cool browns. Whatever floor you choose you’ll find it a compliment to your chic new décor.

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