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Spruce Up Your Home Office

The work landscape has changed, and now more and more people are working from home. It sounds great, but that small transition from sleeping in bed to working in the next room can be tricky. With that in mind, here are a few tips to make your in-home workspace more productive and enjoyable.


Work out of a room with a great view or with natural light.

Get Organized! We have to start with basics. If you walk into a messy room and expect to be inspired and energized for the day ahead, think again. Hide the cords, file away the papers, get a recycling bin, and keep junk off your work surface. With so many fun and funky organization tools out there, you can put everything in its place and have a stylish blast doing it! I’m not saying you shouldn’t surround yourself with things you love, just curate and edit to an inspiring selection.

Lighten Up! Given the option, choose to work out of a room with a great view or with natural light. You can also bring a little life into the office with an indoor plant. No window? Get an amazing lamp and set the mood. Invest in hardwiring if you don’t already have a location for overhead lighting. Many older homes lack ceiling fixtures, making the addition a worthwhile investment. Lighting is key to a great atmosphere – for work and for every day.

Give Yourself Options. Be creative with the layout so you have options for the space. A small console with art above it can double as an extra work surface or a display space for favorite objects. A small sofa or chair provides a place for lounging with the laptop or for guest seating.

I hope these tips help you be more productive and create an in-home workspace as pleasing as your first cup of coffee!

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