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Refreshing a Room — What Order Should I Follow?

Knowing where to start can be the hardest part. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

STEP 1: Clear the Clutter — Remove unwanted or out-of-place items (like children’s toys).

STEP 2: Deep Clean — No dust bunnies, please.

STEP 3: Paint — A fresh coat of paint is easy and oftentimes very necessary. A fresh coat of paint brings new life to a room. If you’re thinking of painting, a favorite new look is glaze, which brings luster and depth to the walls. Glaze is translucent-like paint that can allow the underlying surface to peek through.

STEP 4: Flooring — After you’ve taken care of the walls, the flooring is the next thing to consider. Be honest about the condition of your existing flooring. Replacing stained carpeting or worn wood floors with a more stylish and practical choice is not as daunting a task as it may seem. New floors will make the home sparkle and are well worth the investment.

STEP 5: Coordinate Furnishings — The trick to great design is to coordinate and contrast. That might seem to make no sense, but it’s really the entire secret to good design!

STEP 6: Accessorize — This is the final step. I think of it as being similar to accessorizing an outfit before you leave — that last finishing touch! Add personal photos in frames, flowers, books, vases, live plants, and all the smaller decorative items that will make the room your own.

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