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4 Steps to a New Look: Add, Edit, Replace, Repeat

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a room a new look. Here are four steps you can take to change your space on a small budget.

Add Crown Molding

This is an easy addition that will give your room a quick facelift. It’s like adding a necklace to an outfit – simple and subtle, but with loads of impact. Add a wide crown molding to a room for an added touch of elegance. Nothing finishes off a space better than adding a bit of architectural interest to a room with the right molding.

Edit Your Seating
Rework dining chair seats with a little DIY upholstery, it’s a quick and easy update anyone can do. I love to use a bold pattern or a bright stripe. It only takes a few yards of fabric, an hour of time and a staple gun. This is an addicting process though, so beware!

Replace Window Coverings
If you want to bring in a new color to the space, or just get a fresh look, change up your window coverings. I usually update the look with a clean drape or by layering an interesting sheer with a beautiful striped silk panel.


A pretty palm brings balance to a den.

Repeat The Process
Each season make a few changes to keep your room fresh. One thing that’s easy to rotate into a room is plants. Palms are a personal favorite, and I also love more interesting foliage like a mini-citrus. I just added a really fun, funky Warneckii tree in the corner of my living room. I lit it from the back with an inexpensive plant light placed on the floor and that really pumped up the drama — the effect is like a Palm Springs hotel. And the best part: the entire cost was under $100!

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