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Brighten Your Room With New Light Natural Flooring

Light natural flooring instantly brightens and adds style to your room. Get inspired with our latest engineered hardwood and laminate floors to achieve that bright, au natural look.

Q•Wood™ Elongé™ Collection

Let’s start with our Q•Wood line of engineered hardwood floors, which add grandeur to any room. Notice the difference a light and dark floor can make in a room!

Q•Wood Light vs. Dark Flooring

Featured Floors: Q•Wood Chandelier Oak and Brownie Batter. Order Samples.

Explore the muted natural tones and creamy lighter hues of these light Q•Wood floors.

Elevae Collection

Moving on to our Elevae Collection of laminate floors. The light, muted colors in this collection are perfect if you are trying to achieve a sunny seaside look and feel in your decor. We gave these floors a distressed wood finish to add a vintage element to your flooring design, a major trend right now.

Quick•Step Elevae Collection Sandcastle Chestnut Light Natural Flooring

Featured Floor: Elevae Sandcastle Chestnut. Order a sample.

Here are more light floors you’ll love from Elevae.

Veriluxe Collection

Our NEW Verliuxe Collection offers three light finishes with exquisite natural details. These laminate floors feature plank lengths up to 150% longer than traditional planks, meaning fewer visible end joints and less of the visual clutter created from multiple short planks. Couple the plank length with a light floor color and a small room will appear brighter and larger.

Quick•Step Veriluxe Sculpture Oak Light Natural Flooring

Featured Floor: Veriluxe Sculpture Oak. Order a sample.

Sculpture Oak features a variety of subtle tones creating a true to nature, beautiful floor. Soft white highlights in the wood grain give a bright contrast to the overall color.

Quick•Step Veriluxe Morning Frost Oak Light Natural Flooring

Featured Floor: Veriluxe Morning Frost Oak. Order a sample.

Our Morning Frost Oak is a bleached oak with slightly aged character. Cream and grey tones make this white oak light and bright while remaining elegant and calm.

Quick•Step Veriluxe Shaker Oak Light Natural Flooring

Featured Floor: Veriluxe Shaker Oak. Order a sample.

The golden beige in our Shaker Oak laminate floor is softer than traditional honey toned oaks. With natural knots and cracks, Shaker Oak is a traditional choice that warms your home.

Have you found your new light flooring to brighten up your space? Find even more options in our lines of laminate, engineered hardwood and luxury vinyl. Be sure to order a sample today to see how the floors will look in your home.

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