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Design Trend: Our Favorite New White Flooring

White wood flooring can brighten a room, provide a neutral canvas for bold furniture or make spaces appear bigger. Above all, white flooring is a beautiful and casually elegant way to make a statement in any room.

QuickStep offers a variety of laminate and engineered hardwood floor styles to make your white flooring dreams come true.

Beachy, Breezy White Flooring

Quick•Step Lambswool Oak « Elevae Collection

Elevae Lambswool Oak – Order a sample!

With the right flooring finish, you can bring a beachy, breezy feel to your room – by creating an ambiance through the combination of color, texture and style. To create the look at home, two great white flooring options are Elevae’s Lambswool Oak and the dreamy Moonlight Maple from our Veresque collection. Lambswool Oak has a textured finish that feels and looks like genuine hardwood floors. The Moonlight Maple finish is smooth, which makes maintenance and clean up a breeze.

Quick•Step Moonlight Maple « Veresque Collection

Veresque Moonlight Maple – Order a sample!

Casual Elegance of White Flooring

Q•Wood Snow Day Oak « Elonge Collection

Q•Wood Elonge Snow Day Oak – Order a sample!

Our engineered hardwood flooring, QWood, offers Snow Day Oak. Its wire brushed and matte white finish adds elegance and subtly brightness to your room.

Quick•Step White Wash Oak Flooring « Photo: Create and Babble blog

Reclaimé White Wash Oak – Order a sample! Photo: Create and Babble.

The Reclaimé laminate collection’s White Wash Oak mirrors the surface and texture of genuine hardwood floors. It provides a low maintenance yet sophisticated palette for bold furniture and bright colors.

Use White Floors to Expand Your Space

Quick•Step Snowfall Oak « Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Snowfall Oak – Order a sample!

QuickStep also has a line of Luxury Vinyl Flooring, as well. Snowfall Oak is ideal for lofts or smaller spaces because this beautiful white finish helps make any room look bigger. LVF floors are heat resistant, waterproof and wear resistant. The Uniclic MultiFit Locking System also prevents squeaking, which is a huge added benefit. You can learn more about the benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring on our website.

Quick•Step Laminate Flooring - Morning Frost Oak « Veriluxe Collection

Veriluxe Morning Frost Oak – Order a sample!

The Veriluxe collection also has Morning Frost Oak. When used consistently through your space, this bright white finish tricks the eyes into seeing a much more expansive space.

White Floors Complement Bold Choices

Quick•Step Laminate Flooring - White Brushed Pine « Eligna Collection

Eligna White Brushed Pine – Order a sample!

The Eligna collection’s White Brushed Pine is one of our brightest and whitest laminate flooring options. This finish gives any room a soft, white palette as a neutral foundation for stark contrast or bright colors. This floor is simple to clean, durable and has the ability to look refined with multiple decor types. The White Brushed Pine is versatile enough that it can easily match the style in a living room or a nursery. This floor truly grows with your little ones, in its versatility and functionality.

Quick•Step Laminate Flooring - Bridal Pine « Envique Collection

Envique Bridal Pine – Order a sample!

The Bridal Pine finish in our Envique collection is another very light option. The flooring options in our Envique collection specifically has deeply embossed textures and ultra-realistic edges, achieving an authentic wood look. This sleek yet highly textured option offers a casually elegant look and feel.

Quick•Step flooring samples are just a click away, so you can begin transforming your room with a white flooring makeover today.

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