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Think Like a Designer

Want to think like a designer and achieve a fun, elegant, and livable space? Well-styled rooms must also be livable, so when I create a space I try to balance style with lifestyle – and you should too! Here are a few things to consider before starting a room redesign:

1. Assess the Situation
Be very objective and realistic about your home, what it needs and the way it is furnished. If you and your spouse tend to disagree on design decisions, sit down and try to have an honest discussion about both of your needs and desires. This will help you know what you want the look and feel of your home to be before you start. If you need another point of view, get advice from a stylish friend or hire a designer for a consultation. But don’t get discouraged — this is the hardest part for most people! Walk from room to room and take notes on what each space may be lacking, or what it has too much of.

2. Find Inspiration
I ask my clients to look through magazines and pull out pictures of spaces they like. I then analyze what it was about the room that they liked. You may find you like a particular furniture style or that bold colors are your thing. Use that inspiration as you look at refreshing your room.

3. Go with the Flow
Make sure the area “flows” and that furniture is placed so it welcomes you into the room. When you walk into the space is it easy to access, or are chairs and couches in the way? When you look at the room does it make sense, or is the TV in front of the window? These are questions you need to step back and ask yourself. Think of things from a fresh perspective. If the room is overcrowded or an entertainment center is too large – pare down!

4. Designer Don’ts

Too much of one thing is not a good thing. If you fell into the “matchy-matchy” trap of coordinating your drapes, bedspread and carpet, you might want to reconsider that design statement.

5. Be Beautifully Practical

Keep in mind that your home is where you live — and live is a verb. So when buying furniture or flooring you need to keep both beauty and durability in mind. That’s why laminate floors work so well for active families. They provide a beautiful foundation for the room and stand up to heavy traffic, spills, stains — everyday life.

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