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When it Comes to Design, Can Busy, Growing Families Really Have it All?

We were recently able to sit down with Celebrity Designer and Quick•Step® Design Partner Erinn Valencich to talk about the design limitations that busy, growing families face.

“The good news is that today we can say goodbye to that archaic mindset and hello to virtually unlimited design possibilities thanks to modern technology and innovation. I love this level of design freedom!” Erinn exclaims.

Erinn V Malibu Quick Step Redesign

Celebrity Designer and Quick-Step Design Partner Erinn Valencich recently redesigned a busy’s family’s Malibu beachfront home using our Mocha Oak planks.

Erinn recently re-designed a family’s beachfront home in Malibu, California. “The home’s view is stunning, so my designs needed to be equally stunning! However, the family had twin toddler boys and two big Great Dane dogs – talk about active! I needed to make sure that I selected materials that could stand up to this family’s daily living.”

Erinn chose Quick•Step’s Mocha Oak planks from the Reclaimé Collection to accommodate “the daily dose of Tonka trucks, horseplay, and dog nails that are part of this active family’s lifestyle.”

What major design limitations does your busy family face? How have you overcame the notion that form always has to follow function? Tell us below. 

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