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3 Simple Steps to Finding the Perfect Floor

With all the unique styles and color options, selecting the perfect floor can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these simple steps when choosing a floor to fit your unique style… and lifestyle.

Find Your Color
Start with color. Lighter colors can enlarge the room, while darker colors can make it feel more intimate. When selecting a floor color, think about the tones of furniture you have. Don’t feel that everything needs to match. Contrasting tones make for a more pleasing design. If you have darker furniture, a lighter floor makes for a nice contrast. If you have a dark floor, lighter toned furniture is ideal to set it off.


The room pictured here features Quick•Step® floor: Reclaimé™, Heathered Oak Planks


The room pictured here features Quick•Step® floor: QS 700, Enhanced Cherry

Define Your Style
Next, you need to think about your style. Laminate or hardwood floors give a wide-range of options: traditional, modern, scraped, or even tiled looks. For instance, scraped floors look rustic, but can provide a great balance to a modern style room. Tile can convey rustic old-world charm, or create a crisp, modern look.

Select Shape and Size
Square tile can dramatically refresh your room with a clean look and numerous pattern possibilities. Install them on a diagonal, in a brick joint design, or in a checkerboard pattern to really mix it up. If you’re considering laminate or hardwood, long, wide planks create a very dramatic look. Set on the diagonal, they give your room a unique feel. Slim planks offer a different effect entirely.

Take time to think about what you want in a floor and how you plan to live on it. If you’re ready to find your perfect floor, visit us.quick-step.com now.

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