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Casual Floors for Summer Living

What do casual floors mean to you? For us, it’s no-fuss, no-muss. Easy to clean. But still beautiful and stylish. With Quick•Step, you really can have it all. You can have easy-breezy cleaning with simply gorgeous style. Whether you have a vacation home or view life as a permanent staycation, having low-maintenance, high-performance floors makes life a walk on the beach.

Wet Feet? No Problem.

Life happens. Which means sometimes the kids run directly through the sprinkler and into the house. And sometimes you track bits of the beach in with you. This is where style meets lifestyle. Quick•Step offers a variety of stylish laminate and resilient options that stand up to life’s messes and trails of sand. If you’re concerned about spills and high moisture especially, the Envique Collection is an excellent option. These premium laminate floors have a 24-Hour Spill Protection that guards against those typical wet mishaps that happen in a home. It will not be damaged when exposed to localized topical spills, provided spills are removed within 24 hours. Our spill protection technology gives you the comfort in knowing that your floors won’t experience the swelling, lifting or gapping that can happen to other laminate floors when exposed to the typical daily spills of a busy household. 

If you’re looking for even more water protection, go with our performance resilient floors. Solid construction, tight-locking joints and a superior surface coating make these floors water tight.

Fun in the sun. Don’t Let the Heat Beat Up Your Floors!

You want to have fun in the sun. Our performance resilient floors are heat-resistant, which allows for maximum fun. Heat can wreak havoc on floors, especially if you live in a warm climate and sun is beating down directly on the floor. The dimensional stability designed into our performance resilient flooring keeps them stable in heat or direct sunlight. They resist curling, buckling and discoloration.

Resist Scuffs and Scratches

In the summer, there’s a lot of inside/outside/inside/outside traffic, which means tracking in debris that can lead to scuffs and scratches on your floors. If this sounds like your home, face it head on by going with a matte finish floor, as these may be more forgiving for some types of scuffs and scratches. Also, keep in mind that rich, dark floors look absolutely stunning but they can show dust more easily than lighter tones.


Tips for Easy, Breezy Summer Cleaning.

  • Sweep up the sand.
    • Have a broom or hard surface vacuum cleaner handy to quickly remove sand, debris, and residue like food crumbs or pet hair.
  • Need a more advanced clean?
    • It’s easy with our Hard Surface Cleaning Kit. The kits comes equipped with everything you need for worry-free care and maintenance: a mop, a wet mop cloth, a dry mop cloth, and a hard surface cleaner.
  • It’s simple!
    • Once you have the right tools, simply spray the cleaner onto the wet mop cloth, wipe down the floor, then dry off any excess moisture. We recommend that you work in small sections until it’s done.

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