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Flooring 101: Why Quick•Step Laminate Is So Durable

You know the old saying, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”? A favorite of parents and grandparents everywhere, this mindset has been built into the philosophy of Quick•Step laminate and engineered hardwood floors.

We don’t believe in half-measures. We don’t believe in shortcuts. However, we do believe in quality materials, superior workmanship, and that if we keep building quality flooring, we will keep seeing happy customers.

So how do we build the best laminate flooring in the industry? (It’s not bragging if it’s true.)

Balance is the key. The direct-pressure laminate technology ensures that the weight and quality of the materials on the top is identical to the weight and quality of the materials on the bottom – creating a perfectly stable product that won’t bow or collapse in the center.

The four layers of Quick•Step laminate flooring

The four layers of Quick•Step laminate flooring

Top Layer: Transparent, Wear-Resistant Overlay

Quick•Step laminate starts with a top layer that has unmatched resistance to stains, wear, burns, household chemicals, dirty looks, and guilt. Sadly, it is not resistant to “neighbor envy.”

Second Layer: Design Layer

Over the years we have spent large amounts of time and resources to develop innovative technologies that don’t just mimic the look and texture of real wood … they make our products virtually indistinguishable from authentic hardwood, even professionals can’t tell the difference.

Third Layer: HDF Core Board

We use a low-swelling HDF core that provides added strength, improved impact resistance, and a tight locking system that helps the floor resist moisture damage. Our HDF boards are also made of 70% pre-consumer recycled materials and are CARB-II compliant, meaning our laminate is safe for the environment and your home

Bottom Layer: The Balancing Layer

Finally, our warp-resistant bottom layer guarantees a perfectly stable product with no bowing or collapsing in the center.

The result is a product everyone at Quick•Step is proud of. So check out all our great flooring options. We guarantee you they’re built to meet the toughest standards: our own.

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