Flooring 101: Texture
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Flooring 101: Texture

Texture in home décor can turn a good design into a stunning and enviable room. It can soften crisp lines and add warmth to a cool color palette. But texture isn’t just achieved with room accessories, the right textured flooring can be a focal point that gives your space the extra lift it needs.

Old-school laminate flooring used to mean smooth, flat surfaces with no texture and a limited color palette. However, today’s laminate floors feature a variety of surface textures in a wide range of subtle, natural colors. With Quick•Step flooring you can have the look of custom textured floors with deep embossing techniques that look like real wire-brushing and hand-scraping while offering the durability and easy maintenance of laminate.

Our Veresque® Collection features wire-brushed planks like our Stonewash Oak with highly accentuated graining. We created this texture by embossing the grain so it stands out from the plank adding depth and drama to the floor. These finishes can add elegance to rustic and cottage décors or provide dramatic contrast to cleaner lines.

Veresque® Collection, Stonewash Oak, wire brushed laminate floors

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Floors like our Veresque® Cider Applewood offer exquisite color variations from plank to plank creating a dramatic visual texture.

Veresque® collection, Cider Applewood, textured laminate flooring

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Veresque® collection, Burnished Walnut, textured laminate flooring

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Our Dominion Collection floors feature beautiful hand-scraped and soft-scraped textures for a graceful time-worn effect. Natural, authentic surfaces mirror the wood grain pattern of natural wood. Our exclusive embossing technology replicates the feel of a real wood grain for a more natural feel.

Dominion collection, Morning Chestnut, textured laminate flooring

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Dominion collection, Malaysian Merbau, textured laminate flooring

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Dominion collection, Steele Chestnut, textured laminate flooring

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If you are looking for textured laminate flooring, we also recommend browsing the options in our QS700 and EnviqueTM collections. The QS700 flooring provides a hand-scraped look of an artisan floor – crafted as though hand tools shaped the planks. QS700 floors accentuate edges and the flow of the planks. Every finish looks great for rustic, cottage, and more eclectic looks.

Crafted with the ultimate attention to detail, Envique provides striking designs with deeply embossed textures and ultra-realistic edges to achieve the true look and feel of premium hardwood.

More Texture Tips

The key to texture in any room design is balance – find your personal balance between smooth and textured surfaces in your décor and your flooring. Start at the floor and work your way up, adding design layers until it looks and feels just right.

Elevae collection, Mineral Oak, textured laminate flooring wall decor

Order a sample of Elevae™ Mineral Oak

  • Create an accent wall with laminate
  • Incorporate fluffy pillows
  • Add textured rugs like jute or wool
  • Hang artwork with dimension or textured prints
  • Use tufted furniture
  • Add extra dimension to the walls with textured wallpaper


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