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H2Oh My!

Spill something? Not to worry. If you’ve got a water resistant floor from the Quick•Step® Envique™ Collection, you’re good! The Envique Collection features a 24-hour spill protect guarantee. That means if you miss a spill on the floor, the special HydroSeal™ technology will keep liquids from seeping through the joints of your floor for up to 24 hours – making your laminate flooring practically waterproof!

So, what is HydroSeal™?

Two features make up HydroSeal™ technology – tight locking joints and a special water resistant coating. The joints and coating work in tandem to keep water away from the core of the floor. So spills won’t warp your floor like traditional wood or laminate. These floors are just as easy to install as traditional laminate. To achieve the wall-to-wall water resistance, you just need to add a couple of additional steps at the end of the installation. First, you’ll fill all expansion spaces with a compressible PE foam backer rod and then you’ll create a watertight seal by applying flexible 100% silicone sealant over the foam (around the entire perimeter of the installation). Check out the full installation instructions here.

Beautiful and a big deal.

So water resistance in laminate flooring is a pretty big deal. Few laminates can make that claim. But more than water resistant, Quick•Step floors are drop dead gorgeous. They feature a variety of styles in subtle, sexy designer colors like the soft taupe grey of Gable Oak or the sleek black of Tuxedo Pine.

Add to that a deep embossed textured surface that not only looks as real as hardwood floors but also offers the ability for you to have a custom look floor at an affordable price.

By choosing a Quick•Step Envique floor, you’ll have a water resistant floor that’s extremely stylish and totally authentic-looking. You’d be adding unsurpassed beauty to your home and you’d have a hardworking laminate that’s so water resistant you can clean it with a wet mop. Either way you choose, Envique laminate flooring is a winner.

You can find these incredible floors at your local Quick-Step retailer.

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