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Measure a room — 1, 2, 3

You’ve decided to redo your floors and need to know how much flooring you need to buy. Here’s the good news:


You don’t need a degree from CalTech or need to own some fancy laser measurement system. You only need three things:

A piece of paper and pencil (yes, this is technically two things)

A tape measure (there’s one in your junk drawer)

A calculator (your phone has one)

Measuring a simple room

Measuring a Room | Quick•Step Style BlogFirst, draw your room so you have a record of the measurements. If the room you’re measuring is a rectangle, it couldn’t be simpler! Measure—in inches—across the room in both directions. We’ll call one of those measurements width and the other length. Then, do the math:

1. Multiply them.
Width x Length = Area in square inches

2. Divide by 144.

Area in square inches ÷ 144 = Area in square feet

3. Add 5 -10 percent.

Area in square feet x 1.05 or 1.10 = Amount of flooring you need!

Add five-ten percent to the total to account for waste and extra pieces.

Uncomplicate a complicated room

Measuring a Floor | Quick•Step Style BlogBut what if your room isn’t a perfect rectangle? Don’t panic. The key to measuring a room that has multiple nooks and crannies is to divide the room into a collection of rectangles. When you do need to measure angles and curves, measure the furthest point for both length and width.

Then simply do the same math on each rectangle. Add up those rectangles. Divide the total by 144. And once you have the total amount in square feet, add in five-ten percent for waste and extras. That’s the amount of flooring you need to buy!

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