3 Designer Tips for a Timeless Nursery
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3 Designer Tips for a Timeless Nursery

Kids’ rooms can be a lot of fun to design—they’re playful, whimsical, and frequently more colorful than their adult counterparts. Plus—there are so. many options. But if you’re not careful, it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a space that your little one will outgrow as quickly as he does his onesies. If your goal is a timeless space that will grow with your child, keep these three tips in mind as you plan your dream nursery.

Start with a neutral foundation.

Most parents begin their designs by deciding on a theme (princess, poodles, outer space). And once they’ve got that theme, it dominates the space: the bedding, curtains, wall decals and accessories all take over. Ever heard “too much of a good thing?” It happens all the time in nurseries and kids’ rooms, and before long, the space looks dated. The solution? Opt for one big element—a stand out rug, wallpapered accent wall, curtains with a fun print. Keep everything else neutral, and layer in books, toys, and artwork that’s easy to change. That way, as your child grows and the nursery needs updating, you can swap out a few key elements (bedspread, etc.) instead of starting from scratch.

Tone down the palette.

Neutral colored walls and furnishings have a much longer shelf life than popular nursery colors du jour, but if you do want some color, opt for a toned-down shade. For example, a light ballet pink is a much smarter choice than the bubblegum shades you see in so many kids’ rooms, and when your little one wants a more grown-up look, you can layer in shades of creams and greys to make the space feel more sophisticated. Frequently, choosing the lightest shade on a paint swatch will give you a hint of the color you’re going for without dominating the room. Save the more saturated shades for artwork, throw pillows, and other small accessories.

Depend on durability.

Although you’ll likely be the one designing your little one’s room, remember that she’ll be the one living in it. Choosing kid-friendly textiles, furnishings, and finishes will keep your kid’s room fresh and functional for years to come. Go for satin or semi-gloss paint (smudges and fingerprints will wipe off more easily) and easy-care flooring (I love that Quick•Step’s Envique Collection is so beautiful and elegant, but also has 24-hour spill protection and a finish that makes cleaning up marker messes a breeze!), which can be covered with rugs that are easy to swap out when a room needs updating.   

Looking for some nursery style inspo? See some of my favorite looks on my Kids Room Pinterest board!

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