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A Fresh New Look

I recently used wood flooring on the face of a client’s kitchen island to cover up the generic white paneling the builder had used (it just didn’t look finished to me). The flooring looked amazing and gave the island a fresh, cool look and it instantly changed the feeling of the kitchen and dining room. It also got me thinking about other unconventional places to use flooring materials.

I love the look of wood on a ceiling inset—it gives the room some character and adds instant warmth. But it doesn’t end there. Walnut and oak look fantastic when used as a headboard, on staircases, and covering soffits. The sky (or maybe the ceiling) is the limit.

A Fresh New Look - Flooring on an Accent Wall - Quick•Step Style BlogI also think using flooring on an accent wall is a smart, chic way to go. Reclaimed flooring is still going strong, and while it’s got that great rustic look, it’s not always practical—or family friendly (reclaimed woods frequently come with pokey nails and splinters). I’d spring for reclaimed flooring on a wall that is set back behind furniture perhaps, but opt for laminate on any surfaces my clients would come into contact with. It’s a much more livable surface.
I love the look of wood on a ceiling inset. A Fresh New Look - Quick•Step Style Blog

I’ve been playing around with Quick•Step’s Reclaimé and Envique planks and like that these options can give you a similar rustic look, but be much smoother to the touch. Vinyl flooring, in general, is a much easier way to go for DIYers. It’s pre-finished, easier to install than any other kind of wood, and also a lot more affordable.

What’s your favorite unconventional use for flooring materials? Leave a comment and let me know!


Source: Style at Home, Laura Muir

Source: Style at Home, Laura Muir

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