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A Manhattan Island Oasis

Quick Step Manhattag Apartment Renovation

When a bi-coastal family chose California for their permanent residence they called celebrity designer Erinn Valencich to help sell their Manhattan digs.

The home was in a great location but the interior needed a little refreshing. “It was a space that would speak to a select clientele. But I needed to broaden the appeal to make a quicker sale.” said Valencich.

She began the transformation by developing a neutral palette that would flow throughout the home. To create a focal point in the living area Valencich painted one wall a soft taupe and added creamy white to the surrounding walls.

She replaced the worn floor with White Wash Oak Planks from Quick•Step’s Reclaimé Collection. “The light floor really brightens the space and makes it appear larger,” said Valencich. “The tones in the floor support the wall color and together they make a quiet statement allowing prospective buyers to envision their own furnishings in the home.”

Valencich worked with a local staging company to give the updated apartment a more lived-in look. She chose fabrics that contrasted in both tone and color — like the linen on the mid-century inspired chairs and finer weave of the couch. And she layered in texture through rugs, pillows and throws. Pops of orange pull the eye through the room and flowers add a fresh flavor to the scheme.

Valencich’s Tips for Working with a Neutral Palette

  • Variety is the spice … mix neutral tones like grays, beiges, creams, browns and light pastels
  • Think deeply … consider using various shades of neutrals – pair a light cream or beige with a dark charcoal or deep chocolate
  • Color pops … brighten up the room with bold splashes of color
  • Touchy, feely … use patterns and textures to create depth
  • Be dramatic … neutrals become more dramatic when layering in black and white

Key to this apartment’s urban vibe: combining neutrals in a variety of shades and contrasting a range of textures and surfaces.

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