Garage dining room with Quick-Step’s Flint Oak from the Reclaimé Collection
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Basic Garage to Formal Dining Room — Fix It Finish It Does it in One Day

Maggie and Klein Maetschke are a couple with a quickly expanding family. To accommodate a second child in a small two-bedroom ranch house, they had to be creative. So they called on DIY expert Antonio Sabato Jr. and the crew from Fix It, Finish It to turn a unique challenge into an amazing solution.

Garage before dining room transformation with Quick-Step flooring

Before: The square footage of the garage provided potential space for an expansion.

It was a little like musical chairs. The couple needed the nursery currently occupied by their first child for the new baby. So they moved him to a new bedroom that was converted from the dining room. That left them with no space for a dining area.

Sabato called on interior designer Niki Huggins to give the small ranch house a big look. She approached the renovation with the idea of creating an eclectic space, pulling together elements that were both contemporary and rustic.

The walls were painted a creamy white in contrast with accents of warm, dark tones. To anchor the room, she chose a rustic floor from the Quick•Step Reclaimé collection.

The rich chocolate tones of the Flint Oak floor contrasted nicely with the lighter wall color while the accentuated grain pattern and longer, wider planks added to the vintage feel of the room. The highly textured surface and styled edges gave this floor an ultra realistic look that makes even Mother Nature take a second glance.

After: An eclectic blend of rustic and contemporary gives the space a fresh, inviting look that’s on trend with today’s styles.Because Quick•Step is a floating floor installed with an underlayment/moisture barrier, the floor will remain warm and comfortable, even over a concrete sub floor. And thanks to the patented Uniclic® locking system, the planks were easy-to-install with a simple click in just one day.

With the transformation complete, the family can now park themselves in their beautiful new dining chairs to enjoy many lovely family meals together.

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