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Ever wonder what inspired certain ideas? Whether it’s a chair by Philippe Starck or a shelf from IKEA, the idea came from a designer’s inspiration. So, come with us while we take a behind the scenes peek at the new Tuxedo Pine floor from our Envique™ Collection.

Tuxedo Pine

One of the most intriguing trends in premium hardwood flooring these days is a technique called charring. In this technique the wood is actually burned to create a truly unique surface with interesting textures and patterns.

“You might say burnt is the new black, ” says Paij Thorn-Brooks, Vice President of Marketing for Quick-Step. “Charring the wood by burning the top layer creates a distinctive, one-of-a-kind character that we wanted to offer our trend-savvy customers.”

Charring lends itself to wonderful surprises. It creates an intricate texture. It catches light in unexpected ways. It results in a stunning floor.

The Quick-Step design team was so entranced by the trend that they wanted to incorporate the look into the new Envique Collection. So they started to burn wood using different techniques to study the resulting burn patterns. After a number of tries they found a direction that they liked.

Tuxedo-Pine-EnviqueThen members of the team went about recreating that texture so it could be photographed and plated to create the actual Tuxedo Pine planks. Because the charring required various levels of texturing to the surface, engineers at Quick-Step had to develop a whole new technology to press the layers into the décor.

In addition, the designers incorporated innovative GenuEdge™ Technology – which makes the surface design and color “roll over” the edge, creating the industry’s most realistic looking planks. Envique planks are laminate, so they have the beauty of charred wood, but the strength and stability of a manufactured product.

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