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Color Journey: Give Your Room Sizzle with Auburn Floors

Auburn floors are hot! Very popular with homeowners and designers, they bring a rich look to any room, instantly providing a warm foundation. In today’s installment of our color journey, we dive into these sizzling floors.

Available in a range of looks from traditional species to unique exotics – including mahogany or Brazilian cherry – these laminates and engineered hardwood floors are destined to be classics. If you install an auburn floor, you’ll love its stunning variations in tone and dramatic palette. An auburn floor truly makes a statement. It pops! It surprises! And it can be the basis for many different styles of design.

So the question you need to ask is: how big do you want to go?


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Warm and Modern

Warm and modern is a great direction to take a room with auburn floors. And you have so many options.

Mix a variety of natural textures and man-made patterns in beige, tan or brown. When furnishing the room, don’t be afraid to go exotic, just make certain you keep to furniture with simple lines. Asian, African, and South American pieces all work well with auburn floors.

Incorporate earth-toned blues, creams and yellows, or try grasses and bamboo. And smile: it’s lovely.

Warm and Traditional

If you want to take your room in the warm and traditional direction, start with gold, red, burgundy and green accents. One great option? Traditional Persian area rugs. These rugs often have these colors woven in, making them an ideal starting point for your room.

Select one of these colors as your dominant hue, and then have fun with it! Select extravagant fabrics and textures. Mix antique pieces with mahogany or cherry. And explore!

Cool and Modern

Finally, auburn floors are perfect for those in love with the modern look. Instead of warm colors, use cool whites, creams, grays and pastels to contrast with the warmth of the floor.

You can go for ultra-modern seating, black tables, glass tops. You can even incorporate a black-and-white rug in a geometric or abstract pattern.

Paint the walls a cool white or even a blue, aqua, or green pastel. There are so many directions you can go with this look, the only limit is your imagination! (And your budget.)

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