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Color Journey: White floors are making a comeback

Painted floors — and especially white painted floors — have been around for a long time and have been popular in various design styles throughout the years. Painted floorboards have been used on stairs, kitchens, three-season porches — you name it.

Always popular on the coasts, they’ve gained favor as the cottage look has become integrated into other styles.

Why do people love white floors?
The primary reason people love painted white floors is that they get out of the way. A white floor, especially when paired with white walls, allows your furniture, accessories and art to stand out. The floors simply offer them no competition, so all of your pieces pop. Everything becomes a feast for the eyes!

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In this nursery Eligna White Brushed Pine was selected for it’s clean, bright look. Low or no emission laminates work well in children’s rooms because they’re durable and easy to clean. This product is no longer available. Explore similar floors at

That’s why so many museums choose white floors and walls. The clean look of an all-white room lets visitors focus on the art, not the background.

But a white floor doesn’t have to be a museum piece either. White floors are a great choice for anyone hoping to create a beach-like feel since white, blue and gray tones are so important to that style. White floors can be modern, casual, traditional and even rustic. That’s their versatility.

So why do people dislike white floors?
There’s no way around this: you will see every chip and scratch in your perfectly painted white floor. Dogs, kids, high heels, dropped dished — all of them cause damage that you can see.

Damage is so unavoidable that most owners of painted white floors re-paint them once a year. But layering up paint year after year has its own drawbacks, as the surface layer gets softer and softer and become more likely to chip and scratch.

Even white-stained floors or pickled white floors can have drawbacks. Dirt, dust, and dog hair generally show up more readily on a clean white floor. So plan on sweeping regularly.

White Wask Oak, Laminate Flooring by Quick•Step

White Wash Oak – Reclaimé™ Collection

Bridal Pine Planks, Envique Collection, Laminate Flooring By Quick•Step

Bridal Pine – Enviqué Collection

White laminate or engineered hardwood floors are a great option
While incredibly beautiful, white painted floors can require a lot of maintenance. Quick•Step laminate floors and engineered hardwoods can deliver the same beautiful look with a lot less elbow grease.

Our white laminate floors won’t ever need to be re-painted and are tough enough to stand up to anything you throw at them (or drop on them). Dogs, toddlers, wine glasses, high heels … Quick•Step laminate floors are made for life: your life.

White Wash Oak, Reclaimé Collection, White Floors by Quick•Step

When designer Erinn Valencich renovated this Manhattan condo she choose a ReclaiméTM White Wash Oak laminate flooring and painted the walls a neutral color to lighten and brighten the room creating the illusion of space.

Q•Wood engineered hardwoods provide an added layer of realism to the traditional whites without skimping on the durability. Thanks to the patented Opulux Finish, your white wood floors are able to withstand everyday wear and can be easily refreshed with the Revitalizing Solution in the event of scuffs and scratches – keeping your floors luminous for years to come.

So, yes, you may still have to sweep a little more – so white may not be right for a busy household or families with pets – but you can enjoy all the benefits a white floor brings without all the worry.

Check out all of the great white and white-washed flooring options on

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