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Cozy Up Your Floor

If the weather outside is a bit … frightful … a rug inside can make your room more … delightful. And it’s a great way to change up your décor without picking up a paintbrush. Rugs add a lot to a room. They cozy up your favorite wood looks and create a little panache by adding both color and texture to a space.

There are hundreds of options available from simple solid-color rugs to rich intricately patterned designs in both natural and man-made fibers. If you’re considering adding a rug, the question is usually: what’s the right size rug for the room? You may opt for an area rug that is going to cover quite a bit of the space. Or you may layer in several smaller rugs to define certain areas and create interest throughout the room.

Living Room

With the popularity of the open concept, rugs can help create an efficient flow and help define specific areas in your living space. If you’re using a rug to define a furniture grouping, you’ll want to make sure that it has a shape that works with the grouping.

The rug should be large enough to provide an equal amount of area around the furniture in the group. You’ll also want to ensure that the amount of the exposed flooring around the rug is equal in order to give balance to the room. If you plan to use a rug under your coffee table make sure that it accommodates all four legs of the table.

When layering in multiple small rugs, they should be in the same color palette but don’t have to match.

Dining Room

In the dining room choose a rug that can accommodate your dining room table. A rug should extend beyond the chairs at your table when they are in the pulled out position. A good rule of thumb is to add 4’ to the length and width of your table measurements.


In the bedroom the decision is: one large rug to cover the room, or several smaller rugs? Keep in mind that the bed will cover up a large part of the rug, so you may opt to choose several smaller rugs of equal size and place them in key spaces around the bed.

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