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“Fire-Charred” Tuxedo Pine is Hot, says Debbie Travis

Debbie Travis

Decorating Expert Debbie Travis

Who is Debbie Travis? She’s basically design royalty. She currently hosts two highly rated television shows on HGTV. She’s the author of eight books on decorating and painting. She’s a weekly syndicated newspaper columnist, and a frequent design expert on a number of national talk shows. In short, her design cred is off the charts.

So we were thrilled when she chose Quick•Step’s new Tuxedo Pine, from the Envique Collection, for her list of hot flooring trends. “Just arriving on the market, high-quality laminate flooring from Quick•Step shimmers with the look of charred wood,” she said. “It shimmers with textures and muted grey shades. The popular colorway enhances both modern and traditional styles.”

Achieving the look of charred wood was a true combination of art and science. Our designers spent a great deal of time researching a distinct design direction for the product, and our engineers developed a new texturing technology to create a truly authentic look and feel. We think you’ll find it well worth the wait.

Taking inspiration from the age-old process of burning wood that has its origins in the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique, the Quick•Step team burned hundreds of pieces of pine to achieve the perfect color and texture. The charred pattern was then scanned using reliefography, the same process employed when curators replicate priceless paintings. Then, using our advanced fabrication technology, we created Tuxedo Pine planks — a black floor with the unique texture of burned wood.

They’re our most ambitious, most advanced planks yet. So if you’re in the market for a new floor, be sure to check out Envique Tuxedo Pine. We think you’ll agree with Debbie Travis — the charred look of Tuxedo Pine makes it one of the hottest floors on the market.

Tuxedo Pine

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