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Go Bold with Chevron Flooring

Break the mold. A stunning chevron pattern makes a strong impact on a room, especially in the realm of chevron flooring. Stylists all around the world are inspired by this versatile look. Bold yet still somewhat serene, chevron works as a patterned floor, accent wall or broader design element. Quick•Step’s new chevron floors draw on the romance of the pattern – it’s a little bit wavy with a hardened edge. 

“The classic chevron look is back in a big way,” says celebrity designer Erinn Valencich. “If you go to Europe or Paris, you’ll find all these old weathered chevron floors in the apartments, which are incredible. It’s a great way to get some pattern in the room as well but in a unique, lasting way.”

Infuse the feel of Parisian romance into your home. Chevron design elements create intrigue. Patterns can also lengthen a space, making it feel open and big without adding any heavy duty renovations. Consider the look down a long hallway or on a big wall for the chicest feel. 

Introducing Quick•Step’s Stylish Chevron Flooring Options

Introducing two new ultra-stylish Parisian Chevron decors. Thanks to the bold additions to our Reclaimé Collection, chevron flooring has taken on a modern twist. Choose between the Parisian Chevron Contraste, a high contrast option that emphasizes the individuality of each wood piece or the Parisian Chevron Gris, a revival of the chevron pattern that features a light taupe-grey colorway. And, to boot – it happens to be easy to install.  Installation is simple and headache free because the planks themselves are patterned, rather than having to angle and lay the pattern yourself. Erinn Valencich agreed, stating: “The work it takes to install a chevron pattern is intense, but the new Parisian Chevron looks from Quick-Step give you a similar feel with much less cost and effort.”

Mirroring the vintage charm of the Reclaimé collection, the color palettes of the new Parisian Chevrons combine perfect neutrals with warm greys, soft creams and smoky taupes to add character to your home. 

Chevron Accent Walls

Not looking for a flooring renovation just yet? Add the right amount of wow factor to any room by considering chevron as the accent your walls are craving. One of the easiest ways to change up a room without going overboard, the Parisian Chevron looks come in neutral colors that won’t overpower the color palette in your house.

Not sure which look from the Reclaimé Parisian Chevron collection is right for your home? Visit your local Quick•Step retailer so you can get up close and personal with the  Parisian Chevron Contraste and Parisian Chevron Gris floors. 

Go Bold with Chevron Flooring - Quick•Step Flooring

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