Inspired Design: Chevron Accent Walls
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Inspired Design: Chevron Accent Walls

We love chevron! The pattern offers both graphic depth and dimension to your décor. Boldly colored chevron patterns on walls and fabrics have traditionally been the design go-to over the past few years. However, adding color to such a bold and geometric pattern can actually distract rather than complement your décor if overdone.

Current trends in chevron design go beyond fabric patterns and painted walls. For a warmer and more natural looking option that adds visual interest to your room, consider an accent wall featuring a laminate floor in a chevron pattern.

How to Create a Chevron Accent Wall with Laminate Flooring

1) Decide which wall should be the focal point.

A general rule of thumb here is to select the wall your eye is naturally drawn to when you enter the room. You’ll also want to consider furniture or existing features in the room. Placing a chevron accent wall behind a couch or bed will make this area stand out and feel cohesive, but beside a window could throw everything off. For entertainment rooms, an accent wall with a hanging television is a nice touch.

2) Pick your laminate chevron accent.

We recently added two chevron patterned laminates to our NatureTEK Reclaimé Collection. The designs were inspired by the styles we’ve seen in historic Parisian homes. These classic chevron looks put a unique emphasis on pattern and timeless style.

3) Get to measuring.

Next, measure the size for your accent wall. While you can create high drama by using the chevron pattern for the whole wall, it isn’t necessary to fill the entire wall.  A pop of texture on just part of the wall provides contrast and a complimentary frame without being overpowering.

4) Start the DIY installation.

Laminate chevron accent walls don’t only create a ‘wow-factor’, they also are easy to install. You could have your own accent wall done in just an afternoon! Check out our installation resources in our past blog postl

Feeling inspired? Here’s even a little more to help you learn more about creating accent walls with laminate!

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