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Elements of a Room: sophisticated space for a busy family

It’s always a challenge to design a space for a busy family. Especially when they need room for teenaged kids to lounge, do homework and hang out with their friends. Often with this sort of challenge, I aim to give the space a fun, whimsical feel that teens flock to while keeping the design clean and modern enough that it doesn’t scream “kid’s space.”


To strike the right balance, I often start with a neutral color scheme. Warm grays and wood tones offer a strong foundation, then I bring in splashes of colors like navy and yellow to keep the room from looking too monochromatic. I use accent colors to add vibrancy and warmth, while the grey-toned herringbone flooring provides a subtle yet sophisticated contrast. In my Pinterest inspiration board, I found a variety of Quick•Step floors that pair well with this whimsical look, including the Maison Oak planks from the Envique Collection.

Kid Comfy yet Sophisticated


Fun textures and patterns are found in every piece. This adds a playful quality to an otherwise sophisticated space. The main attractions in this concept would have to be all of the geometric details found in the chairs, tables and accessories. The geometric elements bring an eclectic vibe to this teenager-approved relaxation room.

– Erinn

Erinn Valencich

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