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Are you a winter?

If you’re a “winter” when it comes to interiors and flooring it means you love the lighter, brighter looks obtained by adding whites to your design palette. And this year white has never been hotter! (Partly because of all the design flexibility it offers.)

You could seriously get lost in all the whites on the market. There’s Simply White, Pure White, Timid White, Spanish White, Glacier White, Sebring White and ahhhh … Snowfall White just to name a few. In fact, Benjamin Moore alone has over 140 whites in their white and off-white color collections. White has even been tagged color of the year by several paint manufacturers.

Happily, all this interest in whites and soft neutrals isn’t exclusive to walls and fabrics: white is extremely popular in flooring as well. Homeowners planning to purchase new flooring can choose from a variety of white and light gray planks. These floors create a clean, crisp look that is softened with rich gray, taupe and brown undertones.

Plus, white walls and floors work together to add expanse to a room. They appear softer, more dreamy when paired with light- to mid-tone taupes and browns. But when contrasted with darker colors such as chocolate, dark gray and black they create a dramatic statement in a room.  Whites work well with any design style you choose. And white makes an excellent backdrop for both bold pops of color and richer dark neturals and jewel tones.

So if the thought of a white floor intrigues you, you just might be a Winter. Embrace your inner snow princess, and explore the light and white offerings available in both the Quick•Step® laminate and Q•Wood™ engineered engineered hardwood collections.


White Wash Oak by Quick•Step

ELIGNA COLLECTION – White Brushed Pine

White Brushed Pine by Quick•Step


Urban Concrete Oak

Q•WOOD – Picket Fence Oak

Q•Wood Picket Fence Oak

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