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Quick•Step designers are in step with the future

Every year designers at Sherwin-Williams put out a collection of color palettes that predicts color trends in the coming year. This highly respected and highly anticipated collection arrives every fall and has become as much a design inspiration as a color predictor.

This year’s Sherwin-Williams Color Mix 2016 is no exception. The four color palettes — Pura Vida, Mas Amor Por Favor, Nouveau Narrative and Trajectory — are an exciting glimpse into design trends we’ll be seeing in 2016.

Pura Vida, Lineage Oak

Quick•Step’s designers are plugged in to global trends, too. Like the Sherwin-Williams team, we take our inspiration from the world around us and the world of style, so we’re always on the cutting edge of trends. And the fact that our floors complement the colors in the new Sherwin-Williams collections is excellent evidence of that.

Lineage OakThe Envique™ Lineage Oak flooring line we launched in Summer 2015 is a perfect complement for the Pura Vida color palette that Sherwin-Williams is predicting consumers will be decorating with in 2016. This unique group of colors takes its inspiration from natural elements, such as stone, alabaster and sand. When used in combination with the Lineage Oak floor from Quick•Step it helps create a setting that is immediately calming, relaxing, natural and fresh.

The Lineage Oak floor has quite a story itself. It was inspired by roughly hewn floors of the past and features an innovative surface with a deeply defined texture.

“Our Lineage Oak features the deep matte surface structure found in a naturally weathered or sandblasted oak, with ultra-realistic color and texture,” said Oke Nollet, design director for Quick•Step Europe. “Not only does Lineage Oak look like sandblasted hardwood, it feels like premium sandblasted wood.”

The Lineage Oak floor is one of many in the Envique™ Collection by Quick•Step. Each floor features its own unique look that is truer to nature than any other laminate floor on the market. Not only does it complement the new more natural palettes, but it allows the consumer to have the look and feel of a premium hardwood floor with the scratch, stain and spill resistance of premium laminate flooring.

Finishes inspired by fine furniture … the tactile feel and response of real wood … the durability of a laminate … and colors that complement the tones fashion-forward designers love … maybe it’s time for you to check out the Envique™ Collection.


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