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5 Tips To Keep Your Floors Protected And Fresh All Summer Long

From the occasional rainy day to the dirty paws of Walter the Labradoodle, keeping your floors fresh and clean throughout the summer can be a challenge. Fortunately, Quick•Step’s floors are durable and easy to care for with a top layer that’s resistant to moisture and stains leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine!

1. Everyday tools

The first thing you need to have is the right set of tools for the job, if you want to keep your floors as fresh as the day they were installed. A dust or microfiber mop or vacuum with soft bristles will ensure that you don’t damage your floors while trying to keep them clean. Avoid using vacuums with plastic or rubber grippers or beater bars as those can cause damage.

2. Maintain

Your life is happening all the time – crumbs, spills, even house-breaking the new puppy will happen on a daily basis. One of the keys to keeping your floors fresh is regular maintenance. Avoid micro-scratches to the surface of your floor by regularly sweeping or vacuuming crumbs and debris which when left unattended to can cause damage to your floors.

3. Protect

While we understand the urge to leave your Quick•Step laminate floors completely uncovered because they’re just that gorgeous, area rugs are great way to not only complement your décor, but also protect your floors from damage from furniture and heavy traffic areas. If a rug is not for you, try using soft furniture pads under the legs and feet of tables, sofas, and chairs. Many are customizable from fitting rustic sectional to your industrial end table.

4. Product

Just like your stylist recommends the perfect products to maintain that fresh from the salon style, we recommend using Quick•Step cleaning products designed specifically for our flooring to keep your floors looking new. Resist the urge to use products like soaps, oils, polishes, or wax on your laminate floor. Find Quick•Step cleaning products at any of our dealer locations.

5. Lift v. Drag

Sometimes, a room just needs a little rearranging for an easy summertime facelift. Not everyone has the time or budget to hire professional movers, so be sure when moving anything across your laminate floor that you protect it from deep scratches by lifting rather than dragging. 

With a little regular maintenance and the right tools and products, you can keep your Quick•Step flooring fresh and clean all summer long. Find more on floor maintenance here.

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