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Clean less, enjoy more! It’s laminate.

It’s floor cleaning time, so gather up your bottles and cans of wax, polish, oil, or varnish. Find all the soaps, detergents, “shine enhancers”, one-step clean and shine products, and anything that squirts liquids directly onto your floor. Collect your spray mops, your steam cleaners, your buffers and your power cleaners. Then toss them all into the darkest corner of your garage!

You don’t need them. And you shouldn’t use them. You see, laminate floors are virtually maintenance-free. Which means cleaning couldn’t be simpler.


For routine, dry cleaning:

  • Vacuum using a soft bristle attachment
  • Use a dry dust mop or a microfiber mop

For regular cleaning:

  • Apply Performance Accessories Hard Surface cleaning products (or plain water) lightly to a dry, soft cloth (never directly to the floor)
  • Wipe the cloth over the floor
  • Wipe the floor dry until no moisture is visible

Got a tough or sticky stain? No problem.

  • Apply a small amount of acetone based nail polish remover to a soft cloth
  • Carefully wipe the spot until the stain is gone
  • To avoid scratches, never use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or scouring powder
  • Check our cleaning chart for solutions to specific stains

This summer you can spend less time cleaning your floors and more time enjoying them.


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