100% Waterproof. Quick•Step's New Luxury Vinyl Flooring is where beauty meets performance.
Install + Maintain

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Waterproof and Easy-to-Clean

Think of housework, and you may think of Cinderella endlessly scrubbing floors. Well, if her family had purchased Quick•Step Luxury Vinyl Flooring, there would be no need for those endless hours on her hands and knees.

Quick•Step Luxury Vinyl Flooring is designed for beauty, performance and low maintenance. So they look like real hardwood, but they’re waterproof and easy to clean.

That makes this flooring the perfect solution for high traffic, moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and mudrooms that get dirty fast.  

Have it All – Style & Easy Routine Care

Your luxury vinyl floor can be vibrant for years to come with just a little regular, routine maintenance. Have a broom or hard surface vacuum cleaner handy to quickly remove grit, debris, and residue like playdate crumbs or pet hair. Not allowing particles to accumulate on your floor keeps it clean and helps you avoid micro-scratches.

Quick•Step Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Even Deep Cleaning is a Breeze

Need a more advanced clean? It’s easy with our Performance Accessories Hard Surface Cleaning Kit. It’s fully equipped with everything you need for worry-free care and maintenance: a mop, a wet mop cloth, a dry mop cloth, and a hard surface cleaner that won’t leave a soapy residue or harm the floor’s surface, ensuring the beautiful soft matte finish is maintained.

Once you have the right tools, simply spray the cleaner onto the wet mop cloth, wipe down the floor, then dry off any excess moisture. We recommend that you work in small sections until it’s done.

Rugs: The Trendiest Protection

Luxury hardwood floors can be difficult to maintain if they’re bare. So why not protect and add a little flair to your rooms with a rug? Rugs and floor mats can protect against dirt, which can be abrasive to the matte finish. They can help complete the look of a kitchen, bathroom, laundry or mudroom while adding a little bit of spice. Upkeep your rugs and mats with a routine cleaning and have an interchangeable one to put down in its place.

Tips, Tricks, and TLC

Protect your floors by using furniture pads on large items like couches and bookshelves. And don’t forget to have your pup’s nails trimmed regularly. Permanent staining is very unlikely our luxury vinyl flooring but be sure to remove spills and chemicals quickly to avoid damage.

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