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Save time with these cleaning hacks.

Sometimes a simple housekeeping task can become surprisingly complicated and time-consuming. Prevent at least a few of those headaches with these cleaning hacks gathered by the Quick-Step Style Team. We want you to save time on cleaning so you can focus on enjoying your space!

The many uses of dryer sheets…

They’re not just good for freshening your laundry. You can use dryer sheets to clean baseboards, electronics, bookshelves and more. Bonus: the anti-static chemicals from dryer sheets actually repel dust.

Keep your kitchen sparkling.

To get rid of tough stains in the kitchen such as coffee, juice, or grease, use Performance AccessoriesTM Hard Surface Cleaner OR mist a clean, dry moped or paper towel with water & non-sudsy ammonia OR water & vinegar. Wipe until dry.

Get the kit!  


Make it super easy to clean with our Performance Accessories Care Kit to maintain the beauty and luster of your floors. Comes with everything you need… two re-useable mop head covers, hardwood and laminate floor cleaner, and dry mop cloth.

Got a tough or sticky stain? 

No problem. Apply a small amount of acetone-based nail polish remover to a soft cloth. Carefully wipe the spot until the stain is gone.

Got a gum problem?

Removing gum or candle wax from your floor can seem especially tricky, so here’s our quick cleaning fix. Use an ice pack wrapped in a towel to help it to harden, then gently scrape it free with a soft rubber scraper or spatula. A small amount of an adhesive remover (like Goo Gone) will remove the sticky remnants.

Your dry mop is your new best friend.

Your dry mop is your new best friend. | Quick•Step Style Blog

A dry dust mop or a microfiber mop is one of the most amazing tools for cleaning floors. Keep your mop in a convenient location to make it easier to clean up small spills.

Skate around as a human “swiffer”.

Fuzzy socks — you know the ones. They’re extra soft and usually made of synthetic fibers. Perhaps you received a pair during the holidays! Put them on and walk around your house. Now take them off and voila! You have just dusted your floor.

Almost like magic…

InstaMatch by Quick•Step

Repair slightly damaged floors in a snap with our Performance Accessories InstaMatchTM floor repair kit, with putty, color tints, brush, spatula, spoon and lacquer. Your floors will look new again!

One of our favorite cleaning shortcuts

Quick-Step floors are nearly cleaning hacks in themselves. By installing a Quick-Step floor in your home, you are guaranteeing yourself less time spent maintaining your floor– and more time for doing the things you enjoy.

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