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The Final Step: Finishing the Floor

We hope you enjoyed our recent behind the scenes look from Surfaces in Las Vegas! Today, we wanted to chat about finishing a floor. It’s something that you may not always consider when you’re picking the perfect planks, but these accessories serve both form and function.

The finish to a floor includes a variety of things from the underlayment you select for installation to the type of wall base, molding and transition that is chosen to help hold a floating floor in place and create continuity between floors and walls.

Performance Accessories is the brand of finishing accessories recommended by the experts at Quick•Step®. You can find it at your specialty flooring retailer, and your sales person will recommend it when you purchase your flooring. That’s because the molding and trim has been designed to color coordinate with our flooring. (You may also choose a pre-finished white molding as a contrast.)

This year at Surfaces, Performance Accessories previewed a new kind of underlayment that comes in a unique accordion fold for faster installation. In addition, it offers superior sound and thermal insulation for warmer, more realistic sounding floors.Transition and Trim by Quick•Step

For transitioning the new floor to an existing floor, Performance Accessories makes an incredible molding called the Incizo® 5-in-1 that allows five types of flooring transitions from one strip of product. It works so well, we call it the Swiss Army Knife of molding.

Instamatch by Quick•Step

And when accidents happen and your floor gets a small nick or scrape, Performance Accessories makes the InstaMatch™ repair kit. This easy-to-use kit includes a putty that can be tinted to a custom match with planks allowing small damage to blend into the floor. For larger damage the Unifix® tool enables you to pluck out a single plank and replace it without tearing up the entire floor.


Finally, you’ll find cleaning kits and products that have been created to keep your floors looking new for years to come. Always read the labels and choose the cleaning methods recommended by your flooring manufacturer to ensure that the warranty remains valid.


Stay tuned in the weeks ahead as we further explore more trends and tips!

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