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Floors for Kids with Four Legs

We love our pets. We groom them, style them, dress them, pamper them, and love them.

But whether they’re cuddly little cuties with tiny mews, big burly guys with grown-up barks, or even hoppy little fur balls with long ears and whiskers, all animals can be tough on floors.

That’s why you need to choose a floor that works for your whole family.

Protect against ‘surprises’

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know: all bets are off when it comes to potty training and their digestive system. With run-of-the-mill flooring, any of those ‘surprises’ on carpet, ceramic tile, or hardwood could cause stains or discoloration. Thanks to a Limited Lifetime Pet Resistance Warranty on Quick•Step’s NatureTEK® Plus and NatureTEK® Select collections, we have the ideal choice for pet parents who want the best for their homes and their animals.

An engineered moisture barrier

NatureTEK Plus and NatureTEK Select can offer this amazing protection against pet accidents because of the way the floors are designed. Two components work in concert to create a moisture barrier. The first is our patented Uniclic® locking system. This system connects NatureTEK planks so tightly that water and liquids can’t penetrate the joints. The second component is our HydroSeal® technology, an advanced surface coating that prevents moisture from seeping into the floor. This provides protection from everyday spills and even allows you to steam and wet mop NatureTEK Plus and damp mop NatureTEK Select. Don’t stop meow, it gets better! NatureTEK Plus is backed by a 10-year waterproof flooring system warranty, and NatureTEK Select is backed by a limited lifetime waterproof flooring system warranty.

Together, these two technologies make it a lot easier to be a pet parent and a homeowner.

Flooring for pets - Quick-Step NatureTEK Plus

Beautiful floors, longer

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters have claws that can damage floors. These sharp little toenails can make large scratches, small scratches, and micro-scratches that you can’t really see but gradually cloud the surface of your floor. Real hardwood floors show scratches like dogs show their love: very, very obviously.

That’s another reason to choose NatureTEK Plus or NatureTEK Select flooring. They feature an ultimate wear layer that resists stains, household cleaning products, and — this is very important — scratches! It keeps your floor looking like new!

The pet friendly choice, guaranteed and warrantied!

NatureTEK Select and Plus’ pet friendliness is backed Limited Lifetime Pet Resistance Warranty, covering all pet accidents and scratches. That means even though you still have to clean up accidents or you still haven’t broken the pup of running across the house to scare away the mailman, your floors won’t be damaged with unsightly stains or scratches.

Quick•Step flooring means you never have to compromise design for performance. You get a great looking floor that’s strong enough for your four-legged family members. You get choices of wood looks and color tone. You get styles to match any décor.

And they get to play on it freely.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Learn more at us.quick-step.com.

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