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Creating a man cave? Warm it up with a premium laminate floor.

So you’re finally doing it — turning that dingy old basement into an incredible man cave. It’s a great way to create extra space for the whole family, and the renovation may be easier than you think. As you’re planning this new room, one of the first things to consider will be the flooring. If you’re thinking laminate, you’re making a great choice for your man cave.

Laminate floors work well in most basements.

Solid hardwood is extremely popular these days. But it’s NOT recommended for installation below grade, especially if your man cave is prone to lots of spills during the big game. Our premium laminate floors look and feel just like natural hardwood, but because they’re installed as a ”floating floor” they can be placed over a concrete subfloor on or below grade. 

Nothing like a home improvement project to christen your man cave. Here are a few things to consider and double check before installing laminate flooring below grade over a concrete subfloor:

  When installed in a basement, laminate floors require an underlayment and a minimum 6-mil moisture barrier if the moisture barrier is not attached to the underlayment. Before you install the floor it’s important to check the moisture content of the concrete subfloor.

• The moisture content of the concrete must be less than 5 lb/24 hr per 1000 squ ft. (ASTM F1869) or <80% with an in situ probe (ASTM F2170).

• Also inspect the walls, closets, etc. for signs of moisture, or have your installer inspect them for you. Laminate floors are suitable for use in climate controlled indoor installations. The temperature should remain between 60 to 85 degrees F with a relative humidity of 35-65%. These conditions must be maintained throughout the lifetime of the flooring.

• You shouldn’t install laminate in rooms with floor drains or sump pumps. 

• If all moisture conditions are within range, you can move ahead with your project.

Tuxedo Pine - Envique Collection

Laminate floors look and feel like genuine hardwood.

Quick•Step offers some of the most exquisite premium laminate floors on the market, in many highly-textured and rustic looks. They truly do look and feel like natural hardwood. A highly-textured floor can give a distinctly masculine feel to your man cave.

• Quick•Step floors are built on a sturdy platform with a combination of layers including a wear layer for protection, a high definition printed décor paper, a moisture-resistant HDF core board and a balancing layer.

• The décor layer is the key to the ultra-natural look and feel. Using advanced technologies like HD printing and patented embossing and texturing techniques, Quick•Step is able to create a surface texture with a defined grain pattern just like real hardwood. You can actually feel the grain! All the guys will be impressed when you have them over for the game.

Flooring 101: Uniclic makes installation a snap

Laminate floors are easy to install.

Do you DIY? If you’re a moderately skilled DIYer, you should be able to install your own laminate floor in just a weekend. Just commission a couple of your guy friends to help – since they’ll be reaping the rewards of your new basement hide-out.

• Quick•Step floors are constructed with a patented Uniclic® locking system so the planks snap together for easy installation. 

When installing, read the instructions carefully before starting the install to make sure you have everything you need and the floor is prepped properly.

• Acclimate your floor for 48 to 72 hours prior to installation.

• Make sure you open all the boxes and inspect the planks for damage prior to installing. For a more natural look with fewer repeated planks, make sure that you pull planks from multiple boxes at once.

• Stagger the joints at least 12 inches apart. They’ll look better and provide greater stability.

Laminate floors are kid and pet-friendly.

Sometimes it’s necessary for the whole family to assemble in the man cave, and you need to be prepared. For those families with kids and pets, solid hardwood floors can be a problem. Laminate floors are built to stand up to busy families, they come with a protective wear layer that resists scuffs, micro-scratches, stains and fading. So floors look newer longer. And Quick•Step offers a premium Envique™ Collection that resists spills making it one of the most pet-friendly laminate floors on the market.

Keep laminate floors looking great!

Laminate floors are easy to maintain.

Laminate floors are easy to clean. With just a little maintenance you can keep a laminate floor looking new for years to come.  Sweep your floors regularly to eliminate dust or dirt; this keeps the floors free of particles that could scratch or damage your floors. If you use a vacuum, be sure to use a vacuum designed specifically for use on hard surface floors. Or opt for a microfiber mop or cloth instead.

For a more thorough cleaning Quick•Step recommends using the Performance Accessories Care Kit, available through your Quick•Step retailer. This kit includes a laminate-friendly hard surface cleaner, a mop base, a damp mop cloth and dry mop cloth for different types of cleaning.

You’ll find laminate floors at a local Quick•Step retailer.

To appreciate the true style and realism of our Quick•Step floors you have to see them in person. So stop by your nearest Quick•Step retailer and see and touch your next floor. Your man cave will thank you. 

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