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The big week has arrived! The massive exhibit hall at Surfaces, aka the flooring extravaganza, opens tomorrow. We’re here in sunny Las Vegas making all the final preparations, as we get ready to unveil our new flooring collections and celebrate what inspires Quick•Step designs AND what those designs can inspire.

Inspiration is at the very core of all our flooring. It’s where the creative juices initially form. Our designers find inspiration from all over. From the Japanese art of Shou-sugi-ban to the rustic look of weathered oak and pine. They are constantly researching interesting new directions in colors, textures and fabrics to inspire cutting-edge products.

Quick•Step's booth setup at Surfaces

Booth setup is underway at Surfaces!

These inspirations are then taken to an entirely different level as we see customers using our flooring to shape the style in their own spaces. Today’s homeowner is more knowledgeable and confident in their personal style than ever before. It’s fun to see how our floors mix in with stylish looks in homes across the country.

This is why the overall concept of our Surfaces booth is Inspired Design. We believe that everyone is a designer at heart. And want to help inspire you to create a home that best suits your own personal style. One way we work to inspire style is by sharing current trends and innovative ideas. We’re lucky to be working with some amazing celebrity designers to showcase these findings at Surfaces this year.

Erinn Valencich, Antonio Sabato Jr., Nicki Huggins to speak at Quick•Step's booth during SurfacesThis week we’ll be hosting renowned designers and renovation experts at our booth including Erinn Valencich, Los Angeles-based celebrity designer and creator of Erinn V. Collection furniture, Antonio Sabato Jr., international celebrity and renovation mastermind on “Fix It and Finish It” and Nicki Huggins, lead designer for “Fix It and Finish It”.

In addition to trendsetting conversation, our Surfaces booth will bring the design process to life. We’ll be showcasing how our new floors came to life, and how our Quick•Step interior design partners have used them to ground their designs.

If you’re looking to stay up on trends this year, be sure to follow us all week here, on our Quick•Step Style blog, Facebook and Twitter as we unveil what’s new at Quick•Step and the latest trends from Surfaces.

Like we said, we love seeing how you are using our flooring to shape the style in your home. If you have Quick•Step floors, we want to see them! Snap a photo and share your personal style with us in the comments below.

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