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HGTV’s Shanty2Chic Gets Wow-Factor with New Kitchen Flooring

We first met Ashley last year when she installed our Maison Oak laminate flooring from the Envique Collection in her living and dining rooms. The Shanty2Chic blogger and host of HGTV’s Open Concept was so happy with the style and durability of the flooring, she decided to extend it into her kitchen. Take a look at this open concept kitchen flooring makeover. Talk about a wow-factor!

Shanty 2 Chic | Quick•Step Style


Shanty 2 Chic Kitchen Makeover - Before | Quick•Step Style

Shanty 2 Chic Kitchen Makeover - After | Quick•Step Style

One of Ashley’s goals with this kitchen makeover was to unify the flooring between the living room (laminate) and kitchen (tile). By having continuous flooring throughout, the rooms would look and feel more like an open concept.

Deciding to put our Maison Oak flooring in her kitchen was an easy choice for Ashley. Here’s what she had to say about picking the flooring:

“This laminate is the BOMB! We have had it in our home for about a year and all of the features that Quick•Step claims with their new Envique™ Collection has proven true! Not only does it have a Scratch Guard finish protection, it has an exclusive HydroSeal™ that repels water from the plank surface, as well as the joints! Quick•Step also offers a 24-hour spill proof guarantee! I love the flooring so much.” – Ashley, Shanty2Chic

Once the decision was made to move forward with Quick•Step’s Maison Oak, it was time to tackle the process of getting rid of the old tile and installing the new floors!

Shanty 2 Chic Kitchen Makeover - Demolition | Quick•Step Style

Shanty 2 Chic Kitchen Makeover | Quick•Step Style

Let’s take another look at this amazing transformation!

Shanty 2 Chic | Quick•Step Style

Shanty 2 Chic Kitchen Makeover | Quick•Step Style

The space truly does look larger and more open. The rich tones and distinct textures of the Maison Oak pair with the gray cabinets beautifully. Plus, the contrast with the stark white counter tops really make the room pop.

One thing we loved, which Ashley addressed in her blog post about the project, was a common question she gets asked about her laminate floors:

“One of the most asked questions that I get on social media, in reference to the laminate flooring, is: “Does it creak and crack” when you walk on it and does it feel like plastic”? I have had many laminates over the years and this one surpasses them all. It doesn’t feel like plastic, it feels like real hardwood (and I should know, right 😉) and it doesn’t creak and crack when we walk on it.” – Ashley, Shanty2Chic

Are you interested in exploring our Envique Collection? Take a look at Maison Oak and the other colors in this collection.

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