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Introducing the Veriluxe™ Collection and Longer, Wider Planks

One of the latest trends in laminate and hardwood floors is the new longer, wider flooring planks, which are featured prominently in our new Veriluxe™ Collection. After starting in Europe a few years ago and yes … making its way across the pond, it’s now a show stopper. “Longer, wider planks simply give a space a more luxurious look! They create an expansive feeling. And, with an open floor plan, your rooms simply flow together in stunning continuity,“ says LA-based celebrity designer, Erinn Valencich.

Now featuring: longer, wider planks. Introducing Quick•Step's new Veriluxe Collection.

Morning Frost Oak – Veriluxe™ Collection

Longer, wider laminate planks open up a space.

The Veriluxe™ Collection features plank lengths up to 150% longer than traditional planks. This creates fewer end joints in the room. More importantly, this takes away visual clutter created from too many short planks and end joints. So rooms appear larger in size. When flooring is continuously used throughout a floor plan, like in an open concept setting, the floor seamlessly joins the rooms together.

Long planks aren’t actually a new thing. Many of the floors in some of Europe’s famous old castles and stately manors had vast planks as well. Over time, floor-making evolved, and planks became smaller. Your mother’s hard surface floor probably featured planks that ranged in size from a 2” to 3” width and a 48” to 52” in length. However, floors on the market today run the gambit from the more traditional planks size to a 5” width to widths of 8” to 12″. The new longer planks can be in the range of 90” to 102” in length. That’s quite a difference from the traditional 48” span.

Introudcing the New Veriluxe Collection - Longer, Wider Planks

Medallion Oak, Veriluxe™ Collection – This product is no longer available. Explore similar floors at us.quick-step.com.

Installation is a breeze.

Laminate works extremely well for longer, wider planks since its construction allows it to have both strength and flexibility. The 8mm Veriluxe™ planks from Quick•Step are lightweight and flexible enough so installers won’t mind the longer side joints. Planks click easily into place with the patented Uniclic™ locking system — so joints lock quickly and hold securely. Which means installation is just as hassle-free as traditional laminate planks.

 These gorgeous Veriluxe™ floors come in a variety of stunning surface textures from smooth finishes to wire brushed and distressed graining with a range of subtle chocolate, grey and neutral tones. Find these floors at your local Quick•Step retailer.

Longer, wider planks vs. Traditional planks

Longer, wider planks vs. Traditional planks

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