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Quick•Step Infuses Creativity to Develop A Fusion Floor

Just as restaurants combining disparate cooking styles have flooded the culinary scene in the past decade, fusion design takes inspiration from multiple disciplines to create products with their own special style.

“Our designers are always in tune with the world around us, because the next Quick•Step creation may be inspired by any variety of things, including nature, events, or even architecture,” said Oke Nollet, design director for Unilin (Quick•Step’s parent company).

So where does the inspiration for Urban Concrete Oak come from? Three places.

Modern Industrial Building

1. Industrial Buildings
Dilapidated factories and warehouses have become highly coveted residential properties. And one of the things that both empty nesters and young professionals love about them is their rough, unfinished edges. “Exposed concrete, visible pipes, ducts, and rough brick walls are put in the spotlight instead of being covered up. Quick•Step’s Urban Concrete Oak captures the uniqueness of this unpolished, industrial trend in a beautiful way that brings contemporary artistry to a room,” Nollet said.

Board-Formed Concrete Wall

2. Board-Formed Concrete
In the past couple of years architectural and interior designers have really embraced concrete. As a building material and as interior design, concrete’s robust appeal fits in perfectly with the industrial style.

At Quick•Step, however, our design team looked further back in time: to an age when concrete foundations were formed with wooden boards. Back then most boards were un-sanded, so the rough texture of the unfinished wood left a wood grain pattern in the cured concrete.

Urban Concrete Oak Laminate Flooring

3. Grey
The grey color of Urban Concrete Oak also is very on point with one of the design industry’s most popular trends: grey. Yes, grey! You’ll find grey in everything: from paints to drapes to furniture. Nollet said that she personally loves “a grey-toned floor — so much can be done with it from an overall room design perspective!”

The Magic
Once we had the pieces, the Quick•Step team put them together recreating the unique imprint of wood grain on board-formed concrete and replicating the correct trend-forward grey tones.

The rough-hewn wood design and texture soften and warm the concrete look. The resulting Urban Concrete Oak floor is a character-rich, unique fusion design that offers consumers a beautiful foundation upon which to build their room’s decor.

Urban Concrete Oak Planks by Quick•Step

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