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Real Beauty Meets Performance

We designed our new Envique™ Collection to be so true to nature, even mother nature has to look twice. But we didn’t stop there, we built our floors for performance as well. So every floor in the collection is not only beautiful, but beautifully durable.

It’s a nice balance. Don’t you think?

So, let’s get real …
We start with style. The Envique Collection features long, wide planks and ultra-realistic décors that reflect the latest in interior design trends. These are laminate floors that you would absolutely swear are natural wood with rich, subtle tones and colors.

There’s natural pine that looks freshly cut. A vintage hardwood — with the textures and marks of a truly aged floor. An exquisitely patterned concrete for a splash of surprise. Even a charred pine, inspired by the beauty of authentic burned hardwood.

The style doesn’t stop there, however. Our innovative texturing process can create deep surface impressions. So you can choose between a smooth, classic look, an aged, weathered, artisan feel and everything in between. Whatever your style, Envique can match it.

… And stand up to life
No one wants to worry about their floor, right? We want floors that absorb the dings, drops, and dribbles of life. That’s Envique!

Envique planks click together easily to form a tight locking joint thanks to our patented Uniclic® system. Combined with our patented HydroSeal coating and unique bevel design, the planks repel water on both the surface and at the joint, preventing spills from seeping into the core. Because of this we offer a 24-hour spill protection guarantee. Envique won’t be damaged from exposure to localized spills provided they’re removed within 24 hours. Guaranteed!

Each floor in the Envique Collection is built with superior construction and cutting-edge technologies to allow our floors to resist wear, fading, stains, and impact from dropped objects and impressions from heavy furniture.

Plus, ScratchGuard™ Advanced Finish Protection helps the floors resist micro-scratches that can dull the surface over time.

So if you’re in the market for a new floor, and beauty and performance are at the top of your list, check out Quick-Step’s new Envique Collection. It’s real beauty and real performance packed into one amazing set of floors.

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