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Floor Shopping Quick•Step Highlights RoomUP Blogger Challenge

RoomUP: A Merry Mishap – How to Choose Flooring that Complements Your Personal Style

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am the author, creator of AMM blog. Since 2009 I have shared my love for minimal design, interiors that inspired me as well as the evolution of my own home with the internet. Over the years I’ve learned a lot by experimenting with styles and designs, until eventually I discovered more about my own personal style. I am very excited to be working with Quick•Step to renovate a room in our house for the RoomUP Blogger Challenge with brand new flooring and to share with you how we gave our bedroom a whole new look by changing up the floors. 

Several years ago, before we purchased this house, we convinced the landlord to let us put new floors in. Looking back it was sort of a bold move, but I was desperate to get away from carpet. Our son was sensitive to dust and no amount of vacuuming ever made it look very nice. At first the answer was no but after a few months of persistence, he agreed. We chose a very inexpensive white washed floor, assuming in a couple short years we would be living somewhere else so this wasn’t supposed to be an investment project. Fast forward almost four years, and we are still in the same home, with the low budget floors we thought would only need to last us a year or two. While the floor we installed has done so much for reflecting light and making the space feel clean, if I could redo it I would go for a higher quality and a bit darker color.

When we chose Quick•Step’s Dominion Steele Chestnut (This product is no longer available. Explore similar floors at us.quick-step.com) flooring, we knew right away that some features of the room would be fixed elements like our bedding, wall color and lamp. Other items like the ceiling light, desk chair and shelving could be changed or rearranged to compliment our selection. I was inspired by the worn looking, grayish chestnut finish to choose soft natural colors with a warm grey tone.

A Merry Mishap: How to Choose Flooring that Complements Your Personal Style | Quick•Step Style Blog

Flooring can have a great impact on your home. It can brighten up, soften, create a mood or contrast to highlight furniture. Floors are one of the most important features in a home and even the nicest furniture and decor will never reach their full aesthetic potential without great flooring as a foundation. 

Choosing a color or finish may sound like fun but narrowing down just one or two can be overwhelming for some. Thankfully with Quick•Step floors you can try sample pieces in different rooms of your home, much like I did, to see how they look with wall colors and different lighting. Some rooms in our home have wonderful morning light while others don’t fully illuminate until late afternoon. This affects the depth and color of the floors, feeling much lighter in one room and much more moody in another.

Here are a few ways you can be sure you’re choosing the right finish for you:

You should also compare the flooring to other semi permanent features in your home, maybe you can compliment your wood kitchen cabinets, a paint color or even your favorite curtains. Try the samples against all of these to make sure the color will work cohesively with the elements in your home you do not want to change.

A Merry Mishap: How to Choose Flooring that Complements Your Personal Style | Quick•Step Style Blog

If after all comparisons you still need more visual help, Quick•Step has a very helpful app called Style My Floor that allows you to visualize your room or rooms with a variety of flooring options. I had a color in mind right away so for me it was just a matter or selecting a swatch that was most similar to the color I was imagining. That isn’t always the case so take advantage of tools like this that will help you get it right and feel confident about your selection.

Furthermore you can try making a collage or mood board like I did, with cutouts of current furniture and paint colors, as well as decor you plan on purchasing for you room or home. It might seem insignificant to look at a table and bedding to help decide on a floor color, but it’s actually quite useful. The items you have and love in your home are tried and true. You’ve used them, you’ve washed them, you’ve seen them in your home’s fixed lighting as well as daylight. Seeing them all together, especially if you plan on adding any new pieces, is key in creating a space that feels and looks cohesive. It ensures you are staying true to your plan, as well as your style, and that you’re not being diverted by the newest fast-fashion trend that is new and exciting at first but isn’t going to add true value to your space. For me, this sort of visual helps me buy only the things I need and keeps me from layering on too many extras as time passes. 

My hope is that these tips will inspire and motivate you to choose the right Quick•Step flooring for you and your home. Stay tuned for my next post when I reveal my bedroom makeover! And, be sure to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to 500 sq. ft. of free Quick•Step flooring.

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