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Floor Shopping Quick•Step Highlights RoomUP Blogger Challenge

RoomUP: Design Crush – Embracing Quick•Step and Ditching the Wall to Wall

Hi, I’m Kelly Beall, the author and editor behind the art, design, and lifestyle site Design Crush. Since 2007 I’ve been sharing my favorite interiors, artists, product designs, and much more that falls under a big creative umbrella of my making. Being immersed in this field has helped me define my personal style immensely, in fact it’s drastically changed over the course of nine years from fairly traditional to definitely boho modern. I’m excited to be working with Quick•Step on the RoomUP Blogger Challenge to tackle one of the last rooms in my 1900-built home, the master bedroom.

Let me start with this, I purchased my house over two years ago knowing that it was flipped. House flips usually involve doing the bare minimum amount of work with some of the lowest quality materials, and while it showed in places I was in love with the character and charm a 114 year old home can be surrounded in. The window casings are spectacular, the door frames just intricate enough, and the curved staircase speaks for itself.

The wall to wall carpeting that covers the second floor? Not so much. Add my two dogs and three cats to the equation and it’s a recipe for disaster just waiting to happen. And happen it did.

Aside from flat-out not liking wall to wall carpeting, most rooms weren’t an issue. The guest room door stays closed, the bonus room stays relatively pet-free, the bathroom is tiled, and my small office was floored with the leftover laminate from the first level. But the master bedroom is a different story, that’s where my two elderly cats spend most of their day and the carpeting was ruined. It either had to be replaced (no!) or new flooring put down. And thankfully that’s where Quick•Step floors came into the picture.

Design Crush bedroom makeover via Quick•Step Style Blog

While I knew it would be impossible to match the much lower grade wood from the first floor, I knew I wanted to keep things on the lighter end of the spectrum. I already have two walnut nightstands and dresser that I love, and I was also bringing in a new platform bed that was only available in mahogany. I let the four Quick•Step laminate flooring samples I’d requested sit on the floor for a few days so I could see them in different lights before pulling the trigger on my ultimate decision. By choosing the Malted Tawny Oak in the Reclaimé collection none of the various wood tones in the room compete with one another, in fact this particular hue actually acts as a unifier with its exceptionally neutral color.

Design Crush bedroom makeover via Quick•Step Style Blog

I love that Quick•Step laminate flooring is moisture resistant – a big bonus for accidents and water bowl spills, and of course knocked over bedside glasses and flower vases on my part. (Yes, I’m a clumsy one.) It’s much easier to brush up litter and dust bunnies with a whisk broom than dragging out the vacuum a few times a week, too.

I’m looking forward to revealing my full bedroom makeover with you next! I’ll be sharing how to make your space feel bigger with a few tips and tricks. Also, don’t forget to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes for chance to win up to 500 sq. ft. of Quick•Step flooring for your own project!

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