Design Crush bedroom makeover!
Inspiration + Design Quick•Step Highlights RoomUP Blogger Challenge

RoomUP: Design Crush – Tips for Making a Room Feel Bigger + Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Hi, I’m Kelly Beall, the author and editor behind the art, design, and lifestyle site Design Crush. Since 2007 I’ve been sharing my favorite interiors, artists, product designs, and much more that falls under a big creative umbrella of my making. Being immersed in this field has helped me define my personal style immensely, in fact it’s drastically changed over the course of nine years from fairly traditional to definitely boho modern. I’m excited to be working with Quick•Step on the RoomUP Blogger Challenge to tackle one of the last rooms in my 1900-built home, the master bedroom.

Before & After: Design Crush bedroom makeover featuring Quick•Step laminate flooring.

Before we dive in to my tips to make your space feel larger, let’s start with a comparison. The left is the south wall of the bedroom before and on the right is that same wall after. (You can check out the before in its entirety here.) It’s not that it was terrible before, it’s just that my personal aesthetic has most definitely moved beyond the wrought iron bed I bought after getting my first job in 2005, you know?

Design Crush bedroom makeover featuring Quick•Step flooring. Love the geometric, black and white accents.

Tip #1: Put Your Bed Against a Short Wall

Once the Quick•Step Malted Tawny Oak flooring was laid and it was time to reconfigure the room, I was eager to implement some new design tips and tricks I’ve learned since first setting up the space two years ago. The bedroom is roughly 12’ x 15′, and by putting my queen size bed against one of the shorter walls the entire room instantly felt bigger than it had before. It was one of those why-did-I-just-do-this-now moments. And I just love the way all of that natural light flows through the white curtains and over the bed!

Design Crush bedroom makeover.

Design Crush bedroom makeover. Gorgeous floor mirror.

Tip #2: Mirrors Create the Illusion of Space

Despite the actual size of the space, I wanted it to feel as big and airy as humanly possible. I invested in two large mirrors because illusion is our friend, at least in this case. I replaced the smaller round mirror over my dresser with a bigger 36″ one and brought in a five foot tall art deco style floor mirror. The gold framing on the latter really helps call attention to the other metal accents in the room as well, like the fixtures on the dresser and the curtain rods.

Design Crush bedroom makeover featuring Quick•Step flooring.

Tip #3: Hanging Curtain Rods Higher Creates Height

After assessing the actual floorspace, you want to think vertically as well. The best way to make any room feel like it has higher ceilings is by hanging the curtains a few inches from the ceiling, rather than at the top of the window casing. By ditching the tension rods I’d put up when I moved in, and adding these much better looking brass curtain rods, the bedroom ceiling immediately felt at least a foot higher.

Design Crush bedroom makeover

Tip #4: Lighting that Blends

There is one thing I read in a decorating magazine years ago that has stuck with me, and that is that you should own at least one set of matching lamps. The predecessor to these ceramic beauties were wine colored glass, and I loved them so much I had them next to my bed for nearly a decade. I loved how their colored bases stood out against my light walls, but it was time for a change and by choosing a new set that blended in a bit more, your eye grazes over the pair more fluidly.

Design Crush bedroom makeover

Tip #5: Low Profile Furniture

By ditching my old wrought iron bed and switching to a low-profile platform version, there’s just less to look at. And that’s the real key here. I’m by no means a minimalist. As much as I try to simplify, I really enjoy surrounding myself with things that make me happy. I take full advantage of all of my closets, so at least the bulk of my clutter is hidden and organized. The result is a cleaner, more streamlined and open space.

I’m so in love with the end result of this room, and want you to have the chance to experience the same. Be sure and enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes for chance to win up to 500 sq ft of Quick•Step flooring for your own project! And, take a glance at all the other RoomUP Blogger projects!

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