Flamingo Toes did a gorgeous job renovating her kitchen space with Quick•Step Gable Oak flooring.
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RoomUP: Flamingo Toes – Farmhouse Style Kitchen Makeover

Hello, RoomUP Blogger Challenge followers! I’m so excited to be here today to show off my new kitchen renovation featuring Quick•Step floors.

My name is Bev and I blog at Flamingo Toes. At my blog I share all sorts of projects, home diy, sewing, embroidery and more, mostly with an updated vintage look to them. I can’t resist anything with a colorful, retro farmhouse style!

I have been wanting to carry that look into my kitchen for some time. We moved into our home just over a year ago and while the kitchen was fine, it wasn’t our colors or style. It was very dark, and sooo green. Green counters, green cabinets. All the green. And I like green as much as the next girl, but it combined to give the kitchen a really dark look, especially when paired with the almost black wood flooring.

Before. Flamingo Toes Kitchen Makeover. | Quick•Step Style

I initially loved the flooring, but after living with it for a while we realized that it wasn’t going to work for us. It was so dark that besides making the whole room darker, it showed every. little. bit. of dirt. With two cats and a dog, and the entrance to the garage around the corner, it made keeping the floor looking clean a constant chore. As in, it really needed to be swept and mopped at least once a day. And that wasn’t happening. 😉

Before. Flamingo Toes Kitchen Makeover. | Quick•Step Style

The eat-in kitchen was a little brighter, but it still wasn’t quite the look I was wanting. So we decided to dive into new flooring!

We looked through the many laminate flooring options at Quick•Step and really fell in love with all the different styles and colors. We knew we wanted something with a light color and rustic texture to give us that farmhouse style. And since the current flooring didn’t match the other rooms, we felt like we could really pick anything we liked!

We chose the Gable Oak in the Envique Collection for our flooring. It has a really beautiful gray/tan tone with realistic wood grain texturing. It’s so fun and stylish! The flooring made such a huge difference in our kitchen! We also painted the walls and cabinets and we are thrilled with the transformation!

After. Flamingo Toes Kitchen Makeover. | Quick•Step Style

After. Flamingo Toes Kitchen Makeover with Gable Oak from the Envique Collection. | Quick•Step Style

So fun right?!

We were very impressed with the strength of the flooring, as that’s a great indicator of durability. We definitely needed new blades for the miter and jig saws we were using.

Installation! Flamingo Toes Kitchen Makeover with Gable Oak from the Envique Collection. | Quick•Step Style

We hadn’t installed laminate flooring before but we were able to pick up easily. The videos on the Quick•Step YouTube were a great help, as well as an installation kit. We also had a great foreman for the project. He was happy to check out our work, every step of the way, despite laying down on the job quite a bit.

Flamingo Toes' kitty enjoying the Quick•Step flooring installation! Prrrrr

It was kind of amazing to see how the room brightened as we laid more of the flooring.

After! Flamingo Toes kitchen makeover, featuring Quick•Step Gable Oak flooring. | Quick•Step Style

Once we put the room back together we were really able to see the transformation. Between the flooring, cabinets and the new wall color, it’s like a different room!

After! Flamingo Toes kitchen makeover, featuring Quick•Step Gable Oak flooring. | Quick•Step Style

Quick•Step Gable Oak flooring. Flamingo Toes kitchen makeover!

We are so happy with the transformation. The flooring, cabinets and wall color combine to make the kitchen feel larger, and definitely give the room the vintage farmhouse style we were looking for!

You can find more information on Quick•Step flooring on their website and great inspiration photos on Facebook and Pinterest. Check out the Style My Floor App for ideas on what flooring would work for your room too!

I have great news too – you can win new flooring of your own! Enter here for the RoomUP Sweepstakes!

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