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RoomUP: Flamingo Toes – 5 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

Hello, RoomUP Blogger Challenge followers, it’s Bev from Flamingo Toes again with you here today, sharing 5 tips for making your kitchen look larger!

We recently completed a kitchen renovation, taking our dark, greenish kitchen to a bright, vintage farmhouse style kitchen and I’m so happy with the transformation!

Our kitchen went from this:

Before. Flamingo Toes kitchen renovation. | Quick•Step Style Blog

To this!

After. Flamingo Toes vintage farmhouse kitchen makeover. | Quick•Step Style.

The kitchen felt small and gloomy with the dark flooring and the monotone color of the cabinets and counters. A complete kitchen renovation wasn’t in our budget, but a few changes made a world of difference! So I’d love to share some of my tips for making a small kitchen look larger, without all the expense of a huge renovation.

1. Change the flooring.

For our kitchen, the dark flooring made the room gloomy small and it showed every bit of dirt and mess. We wanted to brighten the room and bring in a more rustic farmhouse style. To achieve this, we installed Quick•Step’s Gable Oak in the Envique Collection – it gave the kitchen just the look we wanted. The laminate flooring has a beautiful grain and knotty texture, perfect for the rustic farmhouse design and the gray/tan color really lightens up the room.

The flooring will receive a lot of wear in the kitchen, so I went with one that is strong and durable. The Envique Collection features a wear layer with ScratchGuard™ to protect against scuffs and a HydroSeal™ technology to keep out localized spills for up to 24 hours.

Quick•Step Gable Oak flooring. Kitchen renovation by Flamingo Toes. | Quick•Step Style Blog

2. Lighten the room with paint.

Our kitchen cabinets were a darker sage green, so they combined to make the room feel smaller. Painting the cabinets and walls light colors made the room feel so much larger. It’s a time consuming process but so much less expensive than changing out the cabinets. It makes a huge difference in the kitchen!

Flamingo Toes kitchen renovation. A little white paint goes a long way in lightening up a kitchen space!

3. Draw the eye up and add contrast.

If the room is light then pops of color will be eye catching. If the items are hung higher on the wall, that draws the eye up and makes the room feel larger.

Pops of red add vibrancy to Flamingo Toes' kitchen renovation. | Quick•Step Style Blog

4. Minimize the furniture.

We have an eat-in space just off the kitchen and keeping the furniture to the edges of the room really makes a difference in making the whole area feel larger.

Flamingo Toes kitchen renovation. | Quick•Step Style Blog

5. Leave windows mostly open or uncovered to give depth and lighten the room.

Light makes a room feel larger, and being able to see outside gives depth to the room.

Flamingo Toes kitchen renovation. | Quick•Step Style Blog

I love how much the tone of the kitchen has changed, it feels like we’ve done a complete renovation! The rustic flooring combined with the white cabinets give the room just the look we were wanting!

You can find more information on Quick•Step flooring on their website and great inspiration photos on Facebook and Pinterest. Check out the Style My Floor App for ideas on what flooring would work for your room too!

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