Kitchen Makeover, Laminate on Stairs
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All Things Thrifty expertly installs laminate (even on stairs!)

If you’re looking for inspiration to conquer installing your own laminate floors (even on stairs), get to know our blogger partner All Things Thrifty (aka Brooke). Brooke started her blog with three goals in mind: 1) Empower readers to tackle their own projects confidently. 2) Develop tutorials that are easy to understand and 3) Share advice, tips and tricks that will impact readers’ lives in a positive way.

After painting the walls in the new home of her best friend, Jo, the next goal was to find warmer, darker flooring that would not succumb to everyday wear and tear. Going into the project they had a specific checklist.

Flooring Checklist: 

  1. Must look good in the front room, living room, kitchen, hall and small bathroom.
  2. Must be somewhat easy to install on stairs and in general.
  3. Must be water resistant and withstand everyday wear and tear.

“We knew that whatever our choice was, it would need to be cohesive with that space…meaning it had to go in all the rooms plus over the top of the preexisting kitchen floor,” Brooke explained.

Brooke and her best friend, Jo, found the perfect flooring with the Maison Oak from our Envique Collection. Our Envique Collection is made specifically for those areas prone to moisture and spills (like the bathroom and kitchen previously mentioned). “The wood grain looks and feels like real hardwood and it passed our checklist with flying colors!” Brooke said.

With hearts in their eyes, they had one question in mind: “Is this compatible with stairs?” Luckily for them, it was an option, with several products to choose from. Determined to take on the challenge themselves, they got straight to work. Stairs can be tricky to install, but with the help of a few people and the instructions on hand, Brooke and her team felt it was worth the work.

The before and after photos shows how much of a difference new flooring can make in different spaces.

Kitchen – Before & After

All Things Thrifty - Before All Things Thrifty - Kitchen Makeover | Quick•Step Style Blog

Living Room – Before & After

All Things Thrifty - Before | Quick•Step Style
All Things Thrifty - Living Room Makeover | Quick•Step Style

Stairs – Before & After:

All Things Thrifty - Stair Installation | Quick•Step Style

All Things Thrifty is a DIY Queen. Check out her blog and other social media for all the home decor tips and tricks.

Get all the details on Jo’s Home Renovation on the All Things Thrifty blog: 

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