How flooring can completely change a room
Inspiration + Design Quick•Step Highlights RoomUP Blogger Challenge

RoomUP: A Merry Mishap – How flooring can completely change a room

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am the author, create of AMM blog. Since 2009 I have shared my love for minimal design, interiors that inspired me as well as the evolution of my own home with the internet. Over the years I’ve learned a lot by experimenting with styles and designs until eventually I discovered more about my own personal style. I am very excited to be working with Quick•Step to renovate a room in our house for the RoomUP Blogger Challenge with brand new flooring and to share with you how we gave our bedroom a whole new look by changing up the floors.

New bedroom laminate flooring by Quick•Step

Before & After New Bedroom Flooring

When I chose Quick•Step’s Dominion Steele Chestnut (This product is no longer available. Explore similar floors at flooring it was intentional that we were giving our bedroom a completely different look. Believing that floors are the foundation for any room, I understood that going with a different color and material would change not only the look but feeling in the room without even bringing the furniture back in.

I shared a bedroom redo moodboard last time with some of the items my husband and I already owned and planned to keep in the room along with new pieces for storage and lighting that we had in mind to complement the new floors. Knowing that the new floors would be darker we moved our bedroom to the wall opposite the bedroom’s only windows. Even on an overcast day, our bed was still cast with a stream of natural light. On the wall where our bed used to be we brought in some shelving which is also adjacent to our built in desk. Here it’s convenient for reaching books, magazines or storage boxes.

How flooring can completely change a room

How flooring can completely change a room

In addition we changed the desk chair from a cigar colored leather to a color closely matching the wall. This blends in well in the desk area but not by accident. By taking the focus off a contrasting chair, the floors and shelving pop even more. Also I didn’t like that cigar color with the chestnut floor color we chose anyways, contrast or not.

Scandinavian Minimalism Bedroom

While I chose to add a few pieces to my room that blended well with the new “look” of the room, you don’t need to feel obligated to buy something new in order to make your floors and decor feel harmonious. Rearranging your furniture, pulling pieces form different rooms or grouping similar colors together are ways you can change up the look without buying a lot of new things. It might also be a good time to sell those items you aren’t in love with and consolidate. Maybe you can exchange three smaller dressers for one larger one, two lounge chairs for one with an ottoman or leave out unnecessary pieces altogether. After all, you’ll want to show off your new flooring and a cluttered room will not accomplish this.

Steele Chestnut Laminate Flooring

How flooring can completely change a room

Our whole family is enjoying the new floors and new look they’ve created in our bedroom and you can have the same experience too.

Make sure to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes now and take advantage of the chance to transform a space of your own with Quick•Step flooring. You can also take a peek at Quick Step’s Style blog where three other bloggers are sharing their new spaces using Quick•Step flooring at

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