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Flooring 101: The engineering behind Engineered Hardwood

Everyone likes hardwood floors. They’re beautiful. They’re versatile. And they’re stylish.

But they do have some issues. Traditional hardwood floors are definitely not a DIY project. They need to be sanded, stained, and then sealed … in your home! The skill needed to do this is considerable. The mess created is astonishing.

Then, even when they have been installed, hardwood flooring is prone to denting, scratching, water damage, and even staining.

Q•Wood engineered hardwood flooring, from Quick•Step, tries to fix that.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We build a better floor.
  2. See number 1.

Because we build our floors in the factory and not in your living room, we can give your flooring SO MANY advantages. Consistent staining. A hardened surface that helps resist nicks, knocks, and nukes (well, not the last one). Planks that click together for simple installation. And incredible stability to reduce the chance of warping or cupping.

The four layers of Q•Wood Engineered Hardwood Flooring

It all starts with the core.

Multiple cross-ply construction enhances the structural integrity of the plank with Uniclic® joints. Basically, plies (layers) of real wood don’t just run the length of each plank, they’re layered one on top of the other, one running lengthwise, one running widthwise. This makes for wood that doesn’t try to shift or move when the humidity in the room rises or falls.

A premium hardwood veneer.

On top of that core we affix a beautiful strip of hardwood. Some planks receive a hand-scraped surface treatment, others get wire-brushed, and still others are simply sanded smooth for a classic look. Then they’re stained to perfection, ensuring consistent color from plank to plank.

A backing layer.

A backing layer is installed underneath the core. This layer is the same thickness and weight of the veneer, and balances the plank, contributing to its greater stability.

The finish coat.

Finally, we apply the Opulux™ Performance Enhanced Finish, a cross-linked coating system that illuminates the beauty of the grain, offering the appearance of an oil finish while maintaining the durability and performance of a UV finish. This advanced technology provides greater protection against scrapes, dings, scratches, and all the other hazards that threaten the beauty of floors every day.

The result is an amazing hardwood floor with the performance you can only achieve with an engineered product. Check out all our great Q•Wood flooring options. And see for yourself why we build the best engineered hardwood in the industry.

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